Welcome to Hypernova.GG

Welcome to the Hypernova.GG website! We've created this website to support our servers and enhance the user experience on our servers. All products in the shop have been carefully curated taking into account all kinds of balance variables, avoiding Pay2Win but still making sure the player is adequately rewarded for supporting us.

Only the best premium plugins

We've collected the best premium plugins out there to create a chill but stable rust experience. We've also written some plugins ourselves, making our servers a truly unique experience.

Professional owners

We have a dedicated team of experienced IT professionals to ensure the best functionality and stability.

Non-playing capable admins

Our stringent selection process ensures our staff reflect our core values while being skilled enough to take our services to the next level.

A chill Rust experience

With anti offline raids, premium cheat detection and anti harassment solutions you are sure to enjoy a chill session.

Running on the best hardware

We get it; you're knee-deep in a firefight, and lag causes you to miss and lose the fight. To remedy this, we settled for only the best hardware and networking solutions, ensuring a lag-free premium Rust experience.

We have a Live Radiostation

With player DJ's to jam out with. Set your boomboxes to station Hypernova Radio!

VIP packages but no P2W

We offer VIP and stuff packages to keep our servers running, but all items are purchasable in-game by anyone using /s.

Custom maps

We always do our best to make sure we're using the most balanced and fun maps out there, and customize those to best fit our needs.

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You can vote every 24 hours on the server.
Use /vote in-game to claim your RP
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