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All support matters are handled through our Discord server's ticket system. If your question is not answered below, you should join our Discord server and try asking your question(s) there.

Within our Discord server we have several channels devoted to community questions. If your question does not require a staff members' response, try asking your question in the #ask-the-community channel. If you have an issue that requires staff action, please create a ticket with support from the #make-a-ticket channel under Support.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • You can access your purchased items instantly after we've received payment. This process is automated, so there's no need to wait for staff to give you your items.
    - VIP Packs and Perk Packs are bought for a certain amount of time, after which they expire and must be bought again
    - Stuff packs (Building, Defense, Electric, Combat) are offered as kits in-game and will transfer over to new wipes unless claimed, claimed kits do not transfer over to next wipe
    - RP packs are added to your in-game RP balance, which is persistent over wipes

    We cannot offer you any refunds for products that you have bought in error. Please make sure you buy the right product.

  • Currently we do not support gifting a product to another player, although we are working on this. You'll be able to gift product(s) in the very near future.

  • We maintain different wipe schedules for different servers. Please consult the wipe schedule display on the website to check when your favorite server wipes.

    Most of our servers are wiped monthly, some are wiped (bi-)weekly.

  • While we do accept staff applications in our Discord, we prefer to pick staff members based on their experience and behavior within our server. If you think you can really attribute to the servers' success, feel free to submit your application in the #make-a-ticket channel under the Support category in the Discord server.

  • The only staff members that are allowed to play on our servers are those without powers that would give them any advantage. This includes roles like "Support", "Discord moderator", and "Chat moderator".

    Any other staff like server moderators and administrators are not allowed to play as players on our servers. These people will usually be invisible so they don't interrupt or influence gameplay.
    If you suspect any staffmember of abusing their power, please notify any one of the owners of the Hypernova network, Airathias#0001 or CPL KingX#0001.

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You can also get in contact with us by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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