About Hypernova

Hypernova was founded in 2020 by two friends with a combined 20 years of experience in the online IT branch. After playing on several servers for a good while, we were fed up with the harassment and tryhards so we started work on our own network with the idea to create an environment in which people can have a more relaxed Rust experience.

Since then, we've learnt a great deal about plugin development, map creation and cheat detection. We put this to good use by creating custom anti-harassment solutions and editting our many premium maps with fun extras including but not limited to a protected RP island.

We get it, you guys have school or work, and at the end of the day you don't want to have your game ruined by tryhards, or be jumped by a zerg, or having to grind all evening just to get a decent base down.
That's where Hypernova comes in.

Prepared for the future

We're always working on creating a better player experience with amazing new features, worlds and moderation. We are aiming to launch several more servers in the very near future, including but not limited to a training grounds to enable players to improve their aim, and special purpose servers for builders and PVP enthousiasts.

Our goal(s)

Our main focus will always be to provide the best chill experience on Rust, and we've spared no expense to make that happen. We strive to have our staff team reflect our core values at all times, while being friendly and helpful. With a team of IT professionals that are dead set on always improving, you can be sure of constant updates and upgrades. And lastly, we hate cheaters and hackers as much as you do, so we'll always strive to improve our detection methods to make sure they're banned from our network ASAP.

Become part of our community

We think community is the most important aspect of any project. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for the amazing people that encouraged us to make all of this happen, and helped us with great new ideas and helpful feedback.

If you'd like to be a part of the Hypernova community, we'd love to have you join our Discord and talk to us! We depend on you to tell us how to improve our services, so if you have any questions, comments, ideas or bugreports be sure to tell us so we can improve the user experience for all our players!

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